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About us


Founded in February 2018, The Lookingglass started its consulting operations on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. 

Early 2020 we took a leap of faith and expanded our team and service portfolio with creative services, marketing and website technology.

About us


In 2021 we decided to start The Lookingglass Cooperative. It’s all based on the fact that ‘together we’re stronger’.

Today we are a group of entrepreneurial professionals that enjoy building The Lookingglass as a unique workplace, where people can master their own destiny within the company. As part of a community of future owners, they take care of themselves and each other. They decide on their income, vacation days, training and career path. 

About us

How we differentiate

We focus on High Tech clients. We combine the power of a consulting company and a creative agency. Understanding the business of our High Tech clients sets us apart from the average agency. Having the ability to execute in a creative manner, sets us apart from the many advisors around.

About us

Our values

  1. Client centric – focus on the client
  2. Energy, Impact & Fun – contribute to success
  3. Asset based – leverage valuable experience
  4. Community based – take care of each other
  5. Always better – improve every day
  6. Diversity – cherish differences
  7. Responsibility – master your own destiny