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High Tech needs something different

Design that works

Working with an agency
..not always easy

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Different languages

High Tech has its own terminologies. It is simply not possible to be successful without having a grasp on the matter.

Way of working

Tech companies like structured approaches. The creative industry often thinks and acts differently.

Service experience

Too often clients are asking themselves ‘What’s the status, when can I expect something?’

We do it differently

Our proposition

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Industry knowledge

We understand your technology and processes

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Proven delivery approaches and assets that apply to your situation

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Full transparancy on the delivery process and assigned resources

Industry knowledge

Developing and manufacturing high tech products is a world in itself. It helps to understand the different development & engineering processes. To understand that each Technology Readiness Level requires a different approach to marketing.

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We do not want to reinvent the wheel all the time.

That’s why we develop and maintain our libraries of proven delivery assets that are based on many years of successful projects and approaches.


We support High Tech to become more visible.
We also provide ‘visibility’ in the delivery of our projects. You will always have a clear picture of the approach and who is involved. You will understand where we are, what we started and what is required of you. We provide dashboards that give you an instant view of the progress in the project.

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The right combination

The Lookingglass differentiates by covering both business management areas and creative areas.

All in your project team.

From business strategy, marketing, technology to design.

Want to work differently

For more information, contact us.