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We like to work differently

Who we are

We are a diverse group of entrepreneurs that like to do things differently. We enjoy working together to bring results to the High Tech industry. Our backgrounds are all very different, in terms of education and country. We have the startup mentality that is needed to innovate and find new ways to deliver excellent results to our clients. We foster entrepreneurship, creativity, cooperation and independence.

The Lookingglass

We deliver visibility for High Tech companies with our business, marketing, technology and creative services

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The Lookingglass team

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We are an international team

Since the beginning, we have had the joy of working with multiple nationalities in The Lookingglass.

We enjoy sharing our different backgrounds and like to learn from each other. Not just in skills, but also in terms of culture and approaches. But no matter how different we are, we all subscribe to our core values.

Group 1644

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