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Strategy Visualization

Trying to explain your strategy?

Strategy Visualization takes you to the future. How does your world look when your strategy becomes reality? And how does reality look? Do you get excited, do you want to see more?

This service is a great way to communicate your vision to your organization and stakeholders. The Lookingglass helps to make your strategy visible.

Our proposition

How do we do it?

Based on your strategy documents, or based on the strategy that we helped deliver, we do brainstorms in the team to see how we can visualize the concepts and ideas.  

What do you get?

Our results are typically delivered in a Powerpoint presentation, that you can use to show the different elements to your audiences. But other media are also possible, e.g. banners, foamboards, animations.


The following examples are all showcases on how to explain specific concepts to a larger audience.

The Lookingglass helps High Tech Companies to become more visible.

Would you like to know more?

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